Aluminium rails

Aluminium combines high strength and a lightweight design with good resistance to ambient conditions. Aluminium is therefore the material preferred for use in aircraft construction. Aluminium extending rails are used in aircraft for seat adjustments, folding tables, movable partitions, door guides, kitchen modules, armrest adjustments and footrests. For lightweight applications, many telescopic rails and custom manufactured versions from Hegra Linear Evolution are also available in aluminium on request.

Many models can additionally be equipped with suitable locking mechanisms, damping or catches. We will be glad to assist you with advice on possible combinations and versions of these accessory components for your individual extension guide.

Aluminium rails from Hegra Linear Evolution are ideal for side mounting in pairs and are available in different lengths.

Aluminium rails have the same product dimensions as the steel versions. For exact details we can offer you an individual application consultation.

Our product catalogue provides more detailed information on the technical
properties and materials.