Locking mechanisms

Locking mechanisms make it possible to lock the Hegra rails in the end position. This prevents inadvertent extension or retraction of the rail in any case. Locking mechanisms can be implemented as locking bolts or bars. This ensures personal safety and protection of materials, especially in moving installations, as in vehicles.


Catch plate

In the fully extending rails with dual stroke the intermediate element does not follow a particular order. The exact position of the element is therefore defined only in fully extended condition. The optional catch plate defines the movement of the intermediate element. This prevents unwanted protrusion of the element. An example for use of the catch plate is in warehouse rails, which are extended in both directions.



Hegra telescopic rails can be equipped with damped end stops. Plastic or elastomer damping elements provide for quieter operation, a softer end stop when pushing in the rail and higher resistance at the end of the stroke.

We will be glad to assist you with advice on possible combinations and versions of these accessory components for your individual extension guide.

Locking Fig. 1
Locking Fig. 2
Catch plate Fig. 1
Catch plate Fig. 2
Damping Fig. 1
Damping Fig. 2
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